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Coaching For Your Personal Life & Business
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Goal Setting

We’ll set attainable goals to get you headed in the right direction.

Life Coaching

YOU can have the life you’ve always wanted. Let me guide you on how.

Career Advice

Become a better business owner and achieve new heights in your career!

Stress Management

Stop toxic self-doubting thoughts through meditation and prayer

What Is life Coaching?

Life Coaching is a continuous process which addresses specific life goals to
ensure personal and professional success. Through this transformational
experience, clients will develop and enhance their interpersonal skills by
overcoming life altering challenges and obstacles. BTC’s coaching programs
will offer course of action designed specifically to promote successful change.

So are YOU ready to make a change in your life and do the work to make the difference in regaining your Power?

BTC Consulting LLC is a professional life coaching and business management firm with expertise in executive and personal coaching, organizational management, project management, training, mentoring and so much more.

What makes BTC Consulting different from other consulting firms?  At BTC, we are passionate about “Being the Change.” We are competitive and strive to do coaching the right way. Our priority is to provide our clients with professionalism, excellent customer service, and effective life skills to encourage emotional, physical, spiritual and financial growth.  BTC is dedicated to providing exceptional quality services to meet the needs of every client.

BTC consistently aligns the mission, vision and strategy, with the goal of
improving efficiency and productivity with integrity and an ethical footprint
making our company a perfect fit in meeting the needs of any client.

BTC specializes in Executive and Personal Coaching that provides guidance,
on-going support, and encouragement inspiring people to achieve their
professional and personal goals.  We are responsible for continuous oversight
and overall management of our client’s professional and personal needs.

BTC’s core values are to guide, support, encourage and empower our clients
to achieve their most important goals.

How It Works

Schedule a Free 1:1

Schedule a FREE 30 minute 1-on-1 consultation. Here we’ll pinpoint whether you need a life or business coach, and you will get a sense of my coaching style.


Choose a Coaching Plan

Choose from one of the 3 packages below. Clients are able to upgrade or cancel at any time with a 2-week notice. Payment plans are available.

Reach Your Goals

Let me help you find your purpose and embrace THE NEW YOU. Let’s get started so you can begin to live a life of purpose, peace and love!


1 Strategy session

90-Minute Coaching Strategy


More Details

The primary focus of this introductory session is to assess the needs of the client and to develop a strategic way forward to for success. This session will provide constructive feedback to ensure the client has the necessary tools to achieve their goals.

Cost should be $150 for 90 minutes. 

2 Week Coaching Package

This package is my most economical includes two 60 minute calls for two weeks to develop a course action to meet your short term goals. 


More Details

This package will also include two 15 minute follow up calls to determine the client’s completion of activities discussed during the 60 minute calls.

4 Week Coaching Package

4 Week Coaching Package

Four weeks of guidance and assistance in taking the next steps for transformation.


More Details

This package provides the client with stress management and mindfulness meditation.  It also includes assistance with financial well-being and healthy eating and weight management. The four week plan encompasses a strategy to guide clients into a new way of thinking and living.

12 Week Coaching Package

This VIP program allow you to learn how to make choices while you learn how to make choices that create an effective, balanced and fulfilling life.


More Details

This is our most intense package which come with the services provided in the four week package along with much more.  The twelve week coaching package includes continuous guidance while peeling back those layers of unresolved issues. These sessions will entail in depth, transparent discussions designed to open the doors for healing and health.  The client has the opportunity during this journey to grow and develop emotionally, spiritually and physically. It’s time to “Be The Change

HoW do i know if coaching is right for me?

 People always ask me, “How do I know if I should get a life / business coach? Well if you’ve asked any of these questions, then you should schedule my FREE 30 min consultation. 

Why Can't I Get Ahead?

So many live a dissatisfying life knowing that there’s more for them, but not understanding how to tap into their purpose. My life coaching program will kick down the walls and barriers you’ve created to get you unstuck and moving forward to bigger and better things!

I'm Having Trouble Focusing On What's Important.

Focus is essential in life and in business. But in this day in age, with technology, family, and work, it’s easy for your goals to become out of focus. As your life/ biz coach, I will work with you every step of the way and keep you accountable to your goals. 

Where Can I Find Scholarships For College?

There are so many scholarships that students miss out on simply because they don’t know about them or they don’t stand out in their applications. With my expertise, I will help you apply for scholarships that will help ease the financial stress of college.


Catrina’s immense knowledge in Project Management helped our team perform very effectively. She has given me outstanding advice regarding my business goals, and general life questions that we all have about living life to our fullest potential. 

Mari Coefield

Founder, DM Consulting LLC

Catrina Slade has been a great benefactor in my life for almost a decade. She has been a spiritual confidant throughout our friendship. She is a born leader. I admire her dedication and entrepreneurial skills. Her kindheartedness allows her to easily connect with people. Her personality is magnetic and motivational.

David E. Lloyd, Jr

Spiritual Calling

She has mentored me in my career and has a very caring and personal approach to coaching.  She wants to help you in your professional career but, in addition, will help in any life event that you may be struggling with.  I highly recommend Catrina in your professional growth and career advancement. 

Barbara K.


Having Catrina as my mentor has been a blessing thus far. Catrina is personable, kind-hearted, and highly knowledgeable in areas such as career coaching, financial planning, budgeting, life coaching, and spiritual coaching. My definition of Catrina is “Super Woman” because she does it all and she does it extremely well!

Chamia McCoy



Begin A Life of Purpose, Peace, and Ultimate Love.