Meet Catrina

Life Coach & Business Expert
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Meet Catrina

Catrina A. Slade, MBA, PMP,  is the Founder and CEO of BTC consulting and has a passion to coach everyone that comes in to her presence.  Her wisdom, experience and strong desire to motivate and encourage others are the driving forces to which she uses to inspire others to be the best they can be.

Through the transparency of her own life experiences, Catrina is following her purpose as a Spiritual Life Coach, Executive Coach, Motivational Speaker/Seminar Leader, Author, Professor and Real Estate Agent.  Her purpose is to coach people in all areas of their lives, to focus on looking within, loving oneself, and doing the work to “Be the Change” for a more rewarding and purposeful life.

Catrina has expertise in executive coaching, leadership development, and career management strategies.  Her over 20+ year career as a contracting supporting multiple federal government agencies, providing her with a strategic and intuitive approach to organizational management and business process improvement.

She is passionate about empowering women and serves as a mentor to her younger client base. Catrina’s supportiveness empowers women to strengthen and embrace their self-worth, develop their confidence,
and develop techniques that will increase their ability to influence and motivate others to lead.

Catrina serves as a volunteer with Empowerhouse, a nonprofit organization serving survivors of domestic violence. She is highly motivated in speaking and supporting women’s issues globally and serving the community.

She is also a member of Toastmasters International which provides individuals with honing their oral presentation techniques while developing positive leadership skills.

Catrina holds a Bachelor’s degree in Government and Political Science from George Mason University and Master’s degree in Business Administration with a Minor in Human Resource Management from American Sentinel University.

Catrina, is an Adjunct Professor with the American Sentinel University since 2015.  She is also a certified Project Management Professional (PMP). As a certified PMP, she has obtained exemplary skills in managing multiple projects while ensuring success with individuals and teams she has managed.

She was born and raised in Virginia and has resided in Northern Virginia for over twenty years. Catrina is the proud mother of her beautiful daughter and best friend, Alana.

“If you are not changing, you are not growing.”

Dana LaMon, DTM

A Keynote Speaker & Visionary

As a success coach and motivational speaker, Catrina’s passion and purpose is to help you realize that everything is possible and attainable when you believe and trust in yourself. She strongly desires to speak life into every person or opportunity she is presented with. She speaks on focusing on yourself and learning to set healthy boundaries in order to thrive and be the person you desire to be. Greatness comes from preparing and working harder on yourself than anything else.

She desires to share her knowledge and experience to ensure you
attract all the positive things your life deserves.  Catrina wants to give
you the tools to transform your mind, body, and spirit personally and to
achieve success in your career and business.

Catrina speaks on re-inventing your yourself which will uncover the power that resides in you. This journey of self-discovery will unleash the passion and purpose you have within.  She wants to help you realize your true potential and inspire you to start living it.


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