Faith is such a powerful word with such a deep meaning. It is the trust and belief that you will receive your heart’s desires. Being grounded in our Faith, allows us to focus on the expectancy of receiving what God has for us as His children. Yesterday, my best friend and I hosted our 2021 Virtual Vision Board Workshop. This was our 3rd event however this year we held it virtually for reasons we all aware of. Although we were unsure of how the workshop would turn out, we remained faithful that the event would be a success. Through prayer and meditation, our constant belief was that our participants would receive value in the workshop as planned. We did encounter a few minor technical setups however, overall the event was a huge success! We continued to believe in what we are passionate about and were intentional in making sure the group was well equipped for their individual success. 

I would love to hear what having faith means to you. Feel free to share your thoughts. Thank you and be blessed! Catrina